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Assault Family Violence

This is an offense that occurs when an individual either knowingly, recklessly, or intentionally causes bodily injury to another or intentionally or knowingly threatens another with imminent bodily injury, including the person's spouse.   An assault family violence is typically considered a Class A misdemeanor but can easily be enhanced to a third degree felony with a prior conviction.

Assault Family Violence charges are serious charge and often carry extremely harsh penalties.  If you are charged with Assault Family Violence and subsequently convicted it can have a negative impact on your access to your children.  The family code lays out some very serious ramifications for those convicted of assault family violence and there is a presumption in the Family Code that an individual conviction of AFV would not be bet fit as a conservator of their children.  While AFV is a serious problem, often times things will get out of control and other motives for pressing charges will surface (i.e. child custody, divorce, retaliation).  It is absolutely imperative that a person charged with this offense speak with an attorney immediately to find out how to protect not only yourself but your family.

For more information or if you want to consult with one of our attorneys on an Assault Family Violence case, then call the Flores Harbour Law Office today for a free consultation.

This information is meant to be simply informative and not meant to be considered legal advice as each case varies. Please call the Flores Harbour Law Office today and speak with one of our attorneys for a free consultation.